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Duo Aligatissimo

Prize winners of the Piadena Cremona International Chamber Music Competition and the International Don Vincenzo Vitti Chamber Music Competition, Italy.

Duo Aligatissimo was established in 2011 (formerly known as Ferro Zwio), and the members of the duo have studied chamber music with Profs. Wolfram König, Joo Ann Koh, Elisabeth Bollmann and Peter Barcaba.

The two artists, Isabella I-Sheng Zehetner und Teppei Soeda, met in Vienna, Austria. They share common tastes in music and appreciate each other’s approaches to interpreting musical pieces. In 2013, they had their first East Asia (Japan / Taiwan) concert tour, which was very successful and which led to more opportunities. Duo Aligatissimo now tours once or twice a year, performing in different venues from famous concert halls like the Taipei Zhongshan Concert Hall to small café stages. Cooperating in numerous performances, the two artists have not only accumulated considerable stage experience, but have also cultivated their understanding for music while playing together. These experiences have strongly advanced both their musical and technical development. In addition to their regular concert performances, the two artists also co-teach chamber music master classes for talented young musicians in Tokyo, Japan.

“Isabella (I-Sheng) Zehetner convinced through her brilliant play”


“The audience was thrilled and expressed this feeling through grand applause and shouts of bravo” 


  Ostfriesische Nachrichten

Isabella I-Sheng Zehetner

Native of Taiwan, first piano lessons at age five, first violin lessons at age seven.

Degrees in both art and music:

  • University degree in Art Education at the University of Georgia, USA

  • Violin performance degree at Prayer Conservatory for Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna (class of Prof. Wolfram König)

Prize winner in international music competitions:

  • Don Vincenzo Vitti Competition, Italy, violin solo

  • Don Vincenzo Vitti Competition, Italy, chamber music

  • International Chamber Music Competition Piadena, Cremona, Italy

Regular invitations to master classes in Tokyo, invitation as violin teacher in the Children's Orchestra Sinfonica Andina Infantil de Ayora in Ecuador.

Regular concerts in Vienna and abroad, numerous performances at festivals, e.g.

  • Soloist with the orchestra Milano-Vienna in Ehrbar-Saal, Vienna

  • Chamber music concerts in venues like Bösendorfer-Saal, Mozart House, Vienna

  • Music festival “Musikalischer Sommer Ostfriesland”, Germany


Excellent reviews in newspapers and online media.   

Teppei Soeda

Born in Japan, spent childhood in a small town, Fukushima. First piano lessons at the age of six.

After high school, piano studies at

  • Conservatoire supérieur de Paris (CNR) in the class of Prof. Billy Eidi

Further piano studies at

  • Brain Academy in Tübingen, Germany

  • Prayer Conservatory for Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna (class of Prof. Joo Ann Koh) and chamber music with Profs. Elisabeth Bollmann and Wolfram König


Prize winner in several competitions:

  • Grand-Prix in the World Competition (category junior) in Ohio, USA

  • Grand-Prix in the Gakken piano competition in Tokyo

  • Chamber music competition, third prize, in Cremona, Italy

Created by Isabella Zehetner
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